The Creation, Destruction, and Legacy
of Penn Station


Construction | American…

See the construction of Pennsylvania Station and its importance as a private structure created for the public good.


Its Heyday | American…

Discover New York's Penn Station in its heyday during the first half of the 20th century, how it fostered suburban growth,


American Experience

Discover how the construction of Penn Station, a private railroad for the pubiic good, and its subsequent decline


Worst train station

Once upon a time, New York’s Pennsylvania Station was not a hell hole. In fact, it was one of the grandest places in America.

Recent Post

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: The Rise And Fall Of Penn Station

It was a day New Yorkers had been anticipating for nearly a decade.

Penn Station

Penn Station is one of the busiest rail hubs in the world,

The Rise & Fall of Penn Station

A one-hour documentary film about the construction of Pennsylvania Station

First Vision for Penn Station and Revitalized Surrounding Neighborhood

New Plan Transforms Penn Station into Modern, World-Class Train Facility

Scaled-down plans announced for renovating Penn Station

A new plan to redo New York’s aging and much-maligned Penn Station

Baltimore Penn Station Improvements

Amtrak has reached commercial close for Baltimore Penn Station

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